Your products can be sold in thousands of stores nationwide. Contact us to get started!

What HCM has to offer?

  • We have relationships with large chain retailers with thousands of locations nationwide.
  • HCM’s compensation is strictly based from sales we produce.
  • We have a proven track record with Purchasing Agents who appreciate the new opportunities we present.
  • Simple and transparent transactions direct with a retailer. Price and terms will be clear & honored.

When choosing a company to help progress your business AVOID THE FOLLOWING:

1. AVOID PAYING RETAINER FEES. Retainers can run as high as $5,000 every month. If a company feels confident about your brand they should be willing to work off a strict commission, based on sales they generate.

2. AVOID CONTRACTS OR AGREEMENTS THAT LOCK YOU INTO PAYING MANDATORY FEES. They will disguise these fees as expenses for travel, promotions, postings, meetings, etc.

3. AVOID PAYING FOR NEEDLESS PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. They will insist pamphlets, displays, ads, etc… are necessary and will happen to know “a guy” that can have them made at a considerable cost.

4. AVOID INCENTIVES THAT RESULT IN YOU OPERATING AT A LOSS. This usually comes in the form of “buy 1 get 2 free” type promotions.

5. AVOID WHOLESALERS/DISTRIBUTORS WHO WILL PAY ONLY A FRACTION OF MONEY OWED after they deduct absurd fees, penalties, and back charges.


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