Psyllium use to combat Erosion Control

Psyllium has been used in landscaping and Erosion Control for those looking for an ecologically friendly solution.  Psyllium reduces erosion while promoting moisture maintenance.  Psyllium’s versatile qualities integrate with most seed additives and fertilizers. Psyllium is also used as an eco-friendly dust suppressant especially on large construction projects where dust can be a public safety concern.  Psyllium is a great plant based tackifier as it is extremely effective and economical.  Psyllium can be applied as a wet slurry to the surface of the soil. It dries to form a firm but manageable membrane that binds soil particles together and permits germination and growth of seed.

Psyllium is also used in formulations to treat Baseball and other sports fields.  Adding Psyllium to an infield will help provide a soft texture which prevents injuries and makes sliding into home more pleasant.  Use it on a golf course to improve bunker quality and prevent sand trap contamination.  Psyllium is nontoxic and kid friendly so feel free to add it to Little League fields.

A quality standard for Psyllium used in the Erosion Control industry does not exist.  We can quote you on a quality that will work best for your formulation either by meeting your internal specification or reverse engineering your product to determine the quality of Psyllium you are currently using.

If you are creating a new product and unsure what quality Psyllium you will require, no problem.  We will send you a variety of samples of various qualities for you to experiment with.  Please contact us for further details.

We supply Psyllium Husk to an array of customers:

  • Erosion Control
  • Construction
  • Baseball Field Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Golf Course Preservation
  • Eco-Friendly Dust Suppressant
  • and many more…

Harvest Commodities Marketing, Inc. has been the leading importer/distributor of various qualities of Psyllium for over 30 years. We import directly from source which allows us to control quality and unnecessary markups. Our decades in the Psyllium business has led us to the finest, most reliable, highest quality processors. We only import from the very best! We strive to provide our customers with quality, reliability, transparency, good service, and competitive pricing. We are proud to have a wide range of Psyllium customers from various industries such as Nutraceutical, Food Manufacturers, Animal Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Restaurant Chains, etc.

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